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    We use MyOpenMath to assign homework (and sometimes to assign quizzes or exams). This website is free to students, thus complementing our OER textbook. We provide sample homework problems aligned with each chapter in the textbook, sample midterm exams, and a sample final exam. All of these materials are provided in the template course on MyOpenMath. We explain below how to make your own copy of this template course.
    To get started, you will need to create a MyOpenMath account. Go to MyOpenMath.com and click on “request an instructor account”. Use your Guttman email to create the account. Be prepared to wait; it may take a couple of days to get the account setup.
    MyOpenMath webpage
    Once you have a MyOpenMath account, you will need to make a copy of the template course. You should always make a copy of the template; never work with the template course directly! To do this, log into MyOpenMath, and click on “Add New Course”.
    Adding a new course on MyOpenMath
    Select “Copy from my or a colleague’s course”. You can find the template course by expanding “My Group’s Courses”, and then expanding the courses of Shadisadat Ghaderi. The template course is titled “Guttman MATH 103©“. There is no enrollment key.
    Looking up the template course to copy it.
    Give your course its own unique name, something like “MATH 103-04: Statistics – Fall 2025”. You may also want to give your course an enrollment key. Pick something that will be easy for students to remember. Some faculty like to use the “Late Pass” feature of MyOpenMath; this is something else to explore before finally clicking “Submit”.
    Giving your course its own name
    If these instructions are confusing, you may alternatively watch the following video:

    Finally, your students will need to enroll in the MyOpenMath course. There are two ways to do this:
    1. If you give your students the Course ID and Enrollment Key discussed above then they can create an account on MyOpenMath.com (preferably using their Guttman Email account), and then enroll in the course themselves.
    2. Preferred Method: If you are teaching your course through Blackboard then you can integrate MyOpenMath directly into your Blackboard shell. The first time that a student clicks on an assignment in Blackboard, it will create a MyOpenMath account and link it to their Blackboard account. This means that they do not have to get a course ID or enrollment key from you, and they never have to navigate to a separate webpage. Additionally, Blackboard pulls their grades on each assignment into the Blackboard Grade Book so you don’t have to manually copy it from one grade book to the other. Here are instructions on now to set up this integration.

    Contrary to what the video suggests, you do not need to integrate your entire course into Blackboard al at once; you can do it one assignment at a time. Speak with Forest Fisher (forest.fisher@guttman.cuny.edu) for more information.